Yacht parties and appreciations

What better way to end of 2018 with a big yacht getaway as an appreciation party for all the awesome clients that has worked with us throughout the year, through the years, and the years to come.

In life, we need to be appreciative for the things we have. Same can be said for any brand, organisation, conglomerate. You will always need to appreciate your clients, vendors, partners, and people you work with. It’s basic human intuition. I’m talking about the law of appreciation, and no I’m not referring to some pseudo new-age science nonsense.

You might not think it possible, but there are people out there in the world that really doesn’t give a flying fart about other people. Let me tell you 4 benefits you get when you appreciate the people you work with.

You build trust

When your clients trust you, they will not just see you as vendors, but see you as trusted partners. When trust is built, it is easier to give you repeat sales and commission you for more work.

You get remembered

You know that feeling when you go on stage to receive a noble prize for being awesome? Yes, everyone has experienced that. Now imagine your clients or vendors feeling that, because you organised an appreciation party for them. They will remember you for making them feel good, and that emotional engagement holds a lot of impact.

Word of mouth

The fact that you held an event to appreciate your clients, is already a marketing campaign on your part. The people invited will talk about it with their colleagues and friends, and will probably spread the good word of what you did for them, and how it benefitted them. Haven’t you referred that awesome plate of chicken rice to a friend, because it was tasty?

Your value and worth increases

Maybe you did a few projects with them, and they weren’t all smooth sailing. Fret not, because if you were to show appreciation to your clients, your perceived value will increase and certain things might be overlooked by them giving you a benefit of a doubt. But that doesn’t give you the leeway to be a shyte service provider.

So all in all, we at CVP want to thank these brands for gracing us with their presence.

Shook Lin & Bok (heritage and 100th anniversary video), CBRE APAC (mid and year end review videos, capability series, sales and leasing videos, symposium event highlights), Coatconuts (branding promotional video), Jai Financial (profile videos, human interest videos) and 90 Seconds (corporate videos, branding videos, promo videos, all kinds of videos really).

Not forgetting the rest of the awesome peeps that has supported us in 2018!

Merz Asia Pacific, Mindshare, Singapore International Foundation, Simmons S.E.A., DDB Worldwide, Adonai, Sol Agri Resources, Singapore Kindness Movement, Guardian Health and Beauty, Mediacorp, A+E Networks, Uboux, Integrated Growth, FYI Asia, Briq Comms, Capitaland Malls, Swissotel The Stamford, Golden Compass School, Go Global Strategy, Probate Enterprise, Deliveroo, Production Avenue, Pigeon Singapore, Shamala Tan Consultancy, Cactus Reel, Position Partners. You’re all awesome!

Upwards and onwards into 2019!