Wtf is WOM? The game changer for your brand

Wtf is WOM? The game changer for your brand - Wtf is WOM? The game changer for your brand - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Wtf is WOM? The game changer for your brand 1

“If you have good brand reputation, people will remember you for positive things.”

– Jeremiah Su, Chief cheerleader

Word Of Mouth (WOM) marketing is basically free advertising. You create a service or product so damn good that your customers can’t help but to talk about it, and inevitably act as your ambassadors-at-large and spread the gospel of your brand.

Fast Facts about WOM

1. Is WOM still relevant in this digital age?: Look at how a simple tweet or a campaign can go viral in a matter of seconds. Virality is your WOM marketing and it can be used for both positive, or negative.

Brands of course want to be strategic in their push to make sure that the WOM they get is always positive as it always affects your brand image, like duh right? The talk of the town can enhance your image, or obliterate it.

As a creative content agency, we’ve done our fare share of campaigns and videos worthy of WOM, like this GOFUNDME video we did for where they gave out money for free!

2. Influencers’ influence: Mega and nano influencers creates user-generated content of how good products or services are, and that builds into our buying bias confirmation if we make the purchase. In a survey Nielsen conducted, over 70% of people mention that consumer WOM opinions influences their buying decisions. 

3. Trustable sources: If you’re not one to have your purchasing intent be swayed just by online reviews, Ogilvy did a study to show you the power of WOM as well, with 92% of people trusting recommendations from their friends & family over paid marketing, or any other forms of marketing.

Will WOM ever die out? I am pretty sure it won’t because if we continue to have hair salons, barbers, and wet market meet ups, people will talk. Question is, do you want them to be talking about the good or bad about your brand? If you ever need help with content creation and campaigning to aid in future WOM marketing campaigns, CVP Group is here to help because we live for your validation!

Article written by Jeremiah Su, Chief Cheerleader at CVP Group