Why Podcasts Are Hot Right Now

Wh Podcasts Are Hot Right Now
Wh Podcasts Are Hot Right Now
Why Podcasts Are Hot Right Now 1

Okay let’s talk about Clubhouse (not the one in your condominium). This new form of podcasting is taking the social world by storm as an audio-only app that only allows verified users to invite other people onto the app to listen in on other people’s conversations.

Move aside ASMR, eavesdropping is the new black.

Ever since the debut of Elon Musk speaking on the app on 31st January, people have been wanting to get that elusive invite to be part of clubhouse!

So why in the world is audio so hot now? Because you can listen to it on the go and be in the know, without committing your eyes to watching a full video.You can be cooking, gaming, or doing the nasties, and listen in on a conversation, and actually learn a thing or two about cooking, gaming, or the nasties.

Here’s 5 reasons why you and your brand should be riding on audio and podcasting!

  1. Save time! With podcasts, brands can share a message or talk about fringe topics related to the brand, and help consumers compound their time.
  2. Easy access! Podcasts use up very little bandwidth and data so it can be loaded up quickly, and can be found on major apps like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. With such intrusive mediums, brands have more avenues to reach out and build connections with their customers.
  3. Commitment! With the advent world of fast content, people who listen to podcasts have longer attention spans because of the nature of the content. Not only can you build good connections, but you can nurture relationships if your consumers listen to you, and patiently wait for your releases.
  4. Intimacy! If you kept listening to someone week in week out, you’ll know that person’s character and personality and it almost feels like you are vicariously being a part of that persons life. With brand advocacy through podcasting, brands can build intimacy with their consumers that no tiktok video ever could.
  5. It’s conversational! It’s raw, and can be authentic, it doesn’t feel like an ad, it doesn’t feel meandering (if done well).

So open your voice memo app,
sit down with yourself or with someone, and start a conversation today!

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group