Visual Cues To Upgrade Your Marketing Videos

Visual Cues To Upgrade Your Marketing Videos
Visual cues to upgrade your marketing videos - Visual Cues To Upgrade Your Marketing Videos - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Visual Cues To Upgrade Your Marketing Videos 1

We search for ways to show our human side in the messages and creative ideas that we put out to achieve a deeper impact that resonates with our audience.

But to convey your “human” side through the screens of your computer, phone or tablet sounds – ineffective. There’s a lot that gets lost in translation when it’s not done face to face. You know this from all the zoom meetings you’ve had these past couple of months.

So how do we ensure that our audience can fully experience the genuinity and authenticity of your content on digital media without sounding like any other culturally distant and boring marketing scheme? Is it even possible to achieve this connection digitally?

  1. Let your audience recreate your creation. 

To connect with them is to communicate, and this doesn’t just mean community management and replying conversations. It means the exchange of ideas too. If you give them the power to remix your content according to their taste they’ll keep coming back to you for more because they feel heard and seen. For example you can create polls to proactively fish for suggestions or just listen to their comments and online sentiments to see the changes they want to happen.

This inclusivity in ideation consequently creates loyalty, the deepest level of connection that you can achieve digitally other than a successful tinder relationship. But remember, loyalty is not achieved overnight. 

  1. Docu-style storytelling.

Videos are (mostly) honest. Documentation is a raw form of storytelling that allows the viewers to really immerse themselves in the world that you are trying to show. The honesty and transparency that comes in this video form is one of the best ways to show authenticity. Some examples of this success are the lockdown’s most popular ‘With Me’ genre videos on Youtube where creators just document an activity or walkthrough their entire day. It gives people a sense of real connection by going along on your visual journey!

People are always curious about what happens behind the scenes so don’t shy away from being a “youtuber”. If you need tips on how to do a vlog, within a vlog, watch this tutorial by yours truly.

  1. Research. 

You must be sick of being asked to do research, but data is so important when coming up with content that connects. Profiling your target audience, knowing their deepest intentions and exploring the small little why’s that go unnoticed or unacknowledged is key. Stop looking at numbers and graphs. Conduct a focus group, have interviews under the guise of casual conversations and dig into qualitative data that tells you what makes them tick, cry, laugh and sad. An example of someone who does amazing, in depth research to build the foundation of their groundbreaking stories is the Disney team. 

Your favourites like Moana and Coco were the products of intensive cultural research conducted for years. It’s no wonder these movies made everyone bawl their eyes out!

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group