The Newest Social Media Trends

How to be more human in your content marketing - The Newest Social Media Trends - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
The Newest Social Media Trends 1

“The pandemic has proved that with so many of us online we’ve been exposed to creative, entertaining and thought provoking video content and we want more of it.”

– Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at The BCMA

With only 2 more months to the 2021, it’s also time for us to start adapting to our audience’s changed behaviours. With 2020 being one of the most happening year of the decade, a lot opinions on topics have gradually shaped our audience’s mindsets and habits. As we realign our strategies to better suit their wants, here are some of the new social media trends you should know about for 2021:

  1.  Memes are a catalyst for your marketing: Memes are hot amongst 13-35 year olds who use them for engagement and escapism. It’s the fastest way for your content to be noticed and engaged with. The secret to hit memes is making sure the ones you create are timely and trendy, jump in quickly!
  2. Your audience is nostalgic: Mentions of “Nostalgia” and other related keywords mentioning the past increased by 88% during lockdown, your audience reminisces a lot! Throwbacks to positive memories will help your audience disconnect from their current struggles. Remember that nostalgia varies for your different demographics. 
  3. Socially conscious users are on the rise: You have to match up to your socially aware audience and address the things they care about. Dig deep into the values that make up your company, know what you stand for and let the world know. 

Enjoying social media is the best way to learn how to master it, and in turn build a better experience for your audience. Get in your audience’s shoes and experience how your work affects them first hand, to predict other trends that you think will catch their eyes!

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group