The Journal #3: A Week of Growth

- The Journal #3: A Week of Growth - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

On Monday we had a Circles.Life shoot of which I was doubling up as a calefare. The shoot was pretty fun as there were many humorous and extravagant elements that were set up to film. But due to my chronic shoulder and neck pains, my shoulders felt sore after that shoot. It was an interesting experience to be involved in a shoot like that with CVP, getting access to what planning and preparation goes behind branding shoots like that.

I also attended a “Meet & Greet” meeting with Chris this week with Innovo42. It was really eye-opening to attend the meeting with him. Looking at how Chris leads the meeting, the way he talks, the things he talks about, to push a lead further down the funnel and hopefully convert her to a deal, was really enriching for me. Knowing more about what CVP does, what we can provide, who we work with, has allowed me to understand more about how selling and proposing can be done. Sitting in during that meeting was one of my biggest takeaways this week as I got to see how I could use all those knowledge that I have of CVP, to use.

- The Journal #3: A Week of Growth - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Thursday came and I was substituting Jeremiah for BNI again. This week however, I was informed that I would be replacing him from now on. I was initially really anxious and nervous as I did not feel like I was capable enough to represent CVP yet at such an intensive and extensive networking event, but I decided that constantly worrying about how badly I might fail would not be beneficial to me anyway. (Considering my tendency to let my worries and doubt eat me up and paralyse me for the day) Instead I tried trusting myself and convincing myself that I have been learning, and trying, and doing not bad the past 2 weeks.

I managed to start a conversation with 3 people and connected with them on LinkedIn as well. Compared to how I felt after the event last week, this week I came out feeling much better about myself. I pushed myself very far out of my comfort zone and I did not feel like I lost my nerves too much.

Doing sales and networking has made me realise a lot of things about myself. Given so many opportunities to learn and practice from Jeremiah and Chris has definitely helped to expedite my growth. Coming in 3 weeks ago with having absolutely zero idea of what sales is about. 3 weeks later, I can safely say that my foundation is slowly getting stronger.

I look forward to learning more and growing more under the guidance of my mentors.