The Journal #2: A Week of Lessons

This week was pretty eventful in comparison to last week.

- The Journal #2: A Week of Lessons - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

The week started off with Hasif and I having to attend a meeting for Sesame Street Run 2019 (SSR) as well as a Behind-The-Scenes shoot for Lazada with Jeremiah. The biggest challenge was definitely fighting against fatigue but that wasn’t the end.

At the SSR meeting, I was tasked with approaching this lady and being the awkward person that I am, I just sat there looking at her waiting for an appropriate time to say “hello”. To my surprise, she caught me looking at her and reached out to me first. After exchanging a few words, I could tell she was a natural at this which was something I admired. After that, we headed for a shoot with Lazada and that was even more hectic. Everyone was busy socialising among themselves as colleagues, so I didn’t manage to speak to anyone.

Then came BNI on thursday. Tasked with approaching the visitors for that week, I do feel that I fell short on my task. I plucked up the courage to speak to one visitor and even that conversation did not really go as planned. We connected on Linkedin and talked a little more about the work that she does, but it did not really feel much of a success to me.

- The Journal #2: A Week of Lessons - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Even before this experience, I always knew networking and being more proactive in connecting with people was something I would struggle with. But not having had any prior exposure to something like this before entering CVP, has proven itself to be my biggest obstacle. I think too much about what to say, that I eventually lose the opportunity to connect. I do hope to be more comfortable in situations like these.

Despite the awkward conversations and interactions I had, attending the Lazada shoot was really interesting as it was my first time on “set” while the team was shooting.

Helping Chris with research for campaigns and engagements he wanted to do was probably the one moment this week I felt accomplished. I was in my element and I felt like I was of use.

This week was a week of lessons that taught me where I stand and what I lack in, and maybe all I need is just time and practice. But I genuinely do hope to reach a place one day where I could confidently approach and lead conversations with people.