The Best of Singapore’s VMMAs (Video Music Marketing Awards)

The Best of Singapore's VMA's (Video Music Marketing Awards)

The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards ended with the world’s favourite bands and singers expectedly claiming their rightful trophies and titles. But while you were busy ogling at Justin Bieber and BTS, we put together a Singapore version of this famous award show – featuring best brands whose 2021 video marketing efforts incorporated music or jingles!

Here Are Our Top 4 Music Video Marketing Ads in 2021 So Far.

1. Most Addictive:’s “Together, Towards A New Normal“:

More popularly known as the “Let’s test, trace and vaccinate” ad, this catchy video has been stuck in every Singaporean’s head since its release! It was created to remind the country of its three-pronged approach to battle Covid-19. The video’s addictive hook and exciting lineup of celebrity worked amazingly well to accomplish its purpose whilst going viral online with over 4.5 million organic views on its social media platforms!

One of the best parts about this ad is how it’s creatively angled to be a safety airline briefing. The stewardess fronting that intro gave this video a classic Singapore trademark.
2. Most Astonishing: Atome’s Atome Kittens Girl Group:

This video says said forget your usual jingles, famous celebrity cameos and dance moves – we’re giving you beautiful, singing cats. Atome’s VP of marketing, Vangie Hu, wanted to surprise their audience and bring something new to their shoppertainment campaign. This video’s vibrant colour scheme coupled with well-edited cat-lip syncing and phone surfing made this an unforgettable and bizarre sight to see online – and we’re a huge fan of it.

The internet loves cat videos and online binge-shopping – put those together and it’s no surprise how this campaign became a popular head-turner!
3. Most Entertaining: Foodpanda’s “Auntie Knows the Real Deals”:

Foodpanda leveraged the common knowledge that aunties in Singapore are amazing deal hunters and used that to create this trendy and absolutely hilarious music video for their campaign! Apart from executing this genius insight based on how the locals view aunties, this video’s success lies heavily on its choice of music, Hip Hop. The creative rhyming and savage lines gave this ad the personality to work and stand out amongst its competitors.

Foodpanda’s campaign was fronted by this video concept and it led to an increase of new customers on their app by 13%.
4. Most Exciting: Subway’s ‘Cheesechella 2021’:

Subway was aware that Covid-19 took away some of our favourite moments, from small gatherings to huge parties like Coachella. So in their latest campaign to promote their Mac n Cheese sandwiches, they decided to bring back the excitement of experiencing music performances by holding a free virtual concert featuring famous local artistes! They created a concert teaser themed video ad showcasing their brand new menu items as the headliners of the event. Coupled with a super hype EDM beat drop and you’ve got a mini Coachella experience all in one 15 second video.

The concept of Cheesechella came about because Subway wanted its customers to experience a sub that’s so cheesy, it feels like there’s a party in their mouth.

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group