The Advantages of Building Diversity In Your Workplace

The Advantages of Building Diversity In Your Workplace - The Advantages of Building Diversity In Your Workplace - CVP Group, Singapore September 2021
The Advantages of Building Diversity In Your Workplace 1

Embracing diversity in the workplace grants you more benefits than you think. It’s not just about satisfying the public’s growing need for inclusivity or playing your part in making the world a better home for all, it’s about improving your company’s performance and call of duty.

3 Advantages of Building Diversity In Your Workplace

1. The Benefits of Having Multiple Voices: More representations of different nationalities and cultures means that you have more room for creative and culturally accurate content for outward circulation. If you try to respond to a situation that is unfamiliar to your monotonous team, you risk experiencing backlash from inaccurate or insensitive implications.

Greater Diversity Leads To Increased Revenue:
Apart from getting your facts right, greater diversity actually gives you a competitive business edge. According to Google APAC, companies that have diverse teams in leadership positions are more likely to innovate newer creative ideas that bring in 14% more revenue.

2. It Makes Your Brand Attractive & Builds Good Reputation: A diverse workplace often translates to a healthy working culture – you can see how accurate that is to your company just by looking at your recruitment and HR campaigns! Workplaces like such, are rapidly growing in demand so you can expect to attract more talent and build your brand’s reputation as an agency or employer of choice.

Employee Preferences in SEA Are Changing Quickly:
At least 57% of employees have voiced their preference for workplaces that’s free from bias, that listens to their concerns and recognizes their contributions. If those boxes aren’t ticked, they would leave their current employer!

3. Improving Brand Relevance Forges Closer Relationships: Birds of the same feather flock together! Be it opinions, cultures, upbringing or perspectives – you can service your consumers better and form closer relationships with them if they see you as a relatable figure they’d want to connect with. With a diverse team you can reach out to wider audiences you would never have imagined!

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group