Tech For Impact!

Brand strategy is always the first line of attack when it comes to creating a cohesive image and campaign. We were super fortunate to have Neal Moore involve us in a branding session for Asian Development Bank (ADB) for their spin off product, Tech For Impact (TFI).

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Neal wrote a quick article on the process of which he came up with the brand elements, and how Wesley (CVP’s resident Head of Post) assisted in creating the motion graphics involved in the final products.

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- Tech For Impact! - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Wes tells us a bit more about the thought process behind the brand session and scope of his involvement.

“It was great creating a brand guideline with Neal, having total freedom to determine the look and style of a whole series is very exciting and the challenge of figuring out how good we can make it look while still making it sustainable to continue for many more episodes is very interesting.

Neal’s trust in our style and creative input was incredibly encouraging and inspiring.

With him sitting in often, we were in tune for the whole journey, and ideas bouncing off each other just kept getting better and better. I’m particularly happy with the sound design of the logo, with the techy sounds creating an impactful percussive beat as an intro, it really nails down the idea of “tech for impact”.

- Tech For Impact! - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Additionally I really like the few subtle things we added in the lower thirds, that were made into a template (this was a new process for us and we managed to continue using this workflow for many projects to come). Small things like how the shadow and outline appear before the text wipes in.

All in all, it was a great fun project and I love how neat we managed to keep it for any editors in the future to carry on the look and style easily with the templates we had created.”

If you ever need help with brand strategy, creation of brand assets, or animation, feel free to reach out to us here. We can chat over coffee, tea, bubble tea. Cheers!