Superminted to Shanghai… and beyond!

With every new beginning comes a new window of opportunities to unlock. For us, the door to one of the world’s largest cities will open for business in 2022. That’s right. Superminted is officially expanding to Shanghai, China! Sit back, relax and read up on what this means for you and the agency.

3 Things To Know About Our Expansion.

1. Why expand to Shanghai?

Superminted is committed to expanding and delivering our brand of capabilities and fresh creative solutions to the rest of Asia. Starting off with China’s finance and cultural centre, our strategic venture in Shanghai will allow us to provide a more cohesive support to our MNC clients to achieve their business goals.

2. What’s next for Singapore?

Don’t worry, business will continue as usual in this concrete jungle with the same familiar people you love, plus some new members to the team who will provide branding, social media management, design and public relations services. This month, we have exciting work with new clients such as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for social media management; Herbalife International Singapore Pte Ltd for merchandise design; and St. Andrew’s Nursing Home for brand guide development.

3. A message to our partners.

Got a story to tell? Superminted can help you tell your story to your audience in the best way possible, no matter where they are. Let’s get busy and work towards your vision in 2022!

What’s the mission?

We’re embarking on a new and exciting adventure abroad ✈️ Catch this episode of It’s A Wrap! featuring our Business Development Manager, Yu Feng Xiao, who talks about what this expansion entails for our clients and partners. Are you ready to come on board this new opportunity?

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group