Squid Game’s Effect On The Marketing World

At Superminted, we like to say that businesses work fast but we work faster. It’s the perfect time to explain what this mantra means by shining light on the brands that were quick to respond to Squid Game’s worldwide popularity! So quickly grab a pen and a pad. There’s plenty to learn from these creative marketing stunts.

Which Of These Ideas Do You Think Was The Most Successful?

1. I’ll have the special, please”

The Dalgona Candy Challenge is less of a life and death situation in cafés, and more of a snap and gram phenomenon! It has been offered as a new experiential dining activity in various cafés worldwide for a limited time only following the series’ release. This created an urgency for fans to visit the nearest one available to them! (Let’s just hope they didn’t have to ride a boat to get there…)

Fresh off the boat: The Best Squid Game Marketing Stunts - Squid Game's Effect On The Marketing World - CVP Group, Singapore October 2021
Singapore based café, ‘Brown Butter’, successfully drew the world’s attention to their version of the challenge with earned media. News outlets such as Mothership.sg, Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong and HYPEBEAST featured their story! HYPEBEAST’s post on Instagram gathered a whopping 87,000 likes.
2. Social Media Trendjacking:

Brands on social media struck gold when Squid Game became a worldwide sensation. It was the perfect moment to trendjack and have their brands be part of a global conversation. There have been over 9 million mentions of Squid Game-related content by 8 million unique users on social media as of October 5! Friendly advice: if you haven’t watched it, it’s best to stay out of the internet for now.

Fresh off the boat: The Best Squid Game Marketing Stunts - Squid Game's Effect On The Marketing World - CVP Group, Singapore October 2021
Brands who executed their trendjacking posts creatively whilst staying on brand found a spike in engagement and impressions. Dominos Malaysia recreated the card invitation from Squid Game as a promotional post for their pizzas. It received more than 1,300 likes, which is three to four times higher than their average post performance!

So what does Squid Game teach us? Apart from making sure you don’t talk to strangers at the train station, being open and adaptable to trends can be hugely beneficial for your business! At the start, it can give you increased brand awareness, exposure, and in some cases even direct sales. And with continuous practice, it opens up opportunities to build relevance and strengthen relationships with your audience in the long term.

What do you think is the next big thing that brands will be talking about?

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Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group