Simple Video Tactics For Effective Campaign Results

Are you tired of making videos that don’t work? One of the reasons why your videos are unsuccessful may be because you’re making the wrong creative choices! This quick read will help you understand how to appeal to your audience at various stages of their consumer journey using the right video tactics. Now you can make videos faster and hit those KPIs more effectively.

Here Are 4 Techniques That You Should Use In Your Next Video.

1. How To Achieve General Success In The Entire Funnel:

Your content has to be impactful. To do this you need to engage the human senses with memorable visual and audio elements. Using high quality sound effects and textured visuals allows your audience to experience your product through their screens. Other tactics include having a tight framing throughout your shots and introducing your brand within the first 5 seconds of your video!

This magnum ad is a perfect example of an impactful video. You can almost taste and imagine how that first bite feels like after hearing that loud crunch, yum!
2. How To Raise Awareness In The Upper Funnel:

Your content has to be memorable. One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression is to show people in your video. This simple tactic creates context and allows your audience to relate better to your product. It sounds like common sense to do this but many brands often focus on products only in their videos due to the limited time they have to tell their story.

This ad by IHOP doesn’t show the actors’ facial reactions as they ate, but it performed just as well as other food videos that showcased people actually eating! 
3. How To Establish Consideration In The Middle Funnel:

Your content needs powerful branding. Stop depending on logo end cards at the end of your videos to make your audience remember your brand because there’s a chance they might not make it till the end or even remember those last few seconds! Instead, incorporate logos, mascots and other graphic elements of your brand throughout the entire video subtly (or obviously, that works too). Pairing these visuals with audio cues increases the chances of your viewers remembering your product too.

The colours, the play on product placement, the iconic sound of cracking a Coca Cola can open – this fun ad stands out and you know it.
4. How To Drive Purchase Intent In The Lower Funnel:

Your content needs to be clear and directive. At this final stage, you want to make it easy for your audience to take action after watching your video. To make your messaging straightforward and easy to remember, focus on dissecting your call to action via text cards, simple animations and voice overs! Lastly, to top it all off, create a sense of urgency within your storyline to build your purchase intent.

This Apple ad is one of the most mesmerising videos out there that uses simple, fast paced text animations in the majority of its shots to introduce their brand new products!

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group