#SGLITFTW Giving Campaign: Spread The Love Of Reading

#SGLITFTW Giving Campaign - #SGLITFTW Giving Campaign: Spread The Love Of Reading - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
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#sglitftw Giving Campaign

Celebrate Singapore stories with BooksActually! As Singapore continues to recover from the pandemic, we have been finding ways to directly support the SG literary ecosystem from the readers to the publishers and to the booksellers (like ourselves).

We have launched this giving campaign to provide a platform to give back to our beneficiaries and spread the love of reading. BooksActually works together with each beneficiary to select the suitable books for the children or those that are on their wishlist.

How our beneficiaries will benefit:
We currently have two charities (ReadAble and Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home) onboard as beneficiaries of this programme, and we are working to grow this list. A donation of $100 a month allows us to donate 8 to 10 books to children who could grow to love the written word and gain a sense of ownership over their own Singapore stories.

ReadAble is a non-profit organisation that runs weekly English literacy classes for children and migrant women in a low-income neighbourhood since 2014, with the aim of improving social mobility. ReadAble also runs a numeracy programme (CountAble) and an outreach arm (ReadyAble) that trains others to set up community-based literacy programmes.

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home is a residential home providing shelter, care and protection to boys and girls between 5 to 21 years old, from needy and disadvantaged families. CSLMCH’s goal is to transform these children into well-adjusted and responsible persons.

How Singapore publishers will benefit:
When we purchase books from Singapore publishers, we not only help to defray the costs of publishing (which includes royalties and printing costs) but also provide the confidence to continue publishing books that feature Singapore writers and stories.

How BooksActually will benefit:
When we order from Singapore publishers, we get a wholesale discount of 40 to 45% off the cover price. BooksActually benefits from this discount (minus expenses such as shipping costs and other operational costs), and gains a platform to reach the next generation of readers and writers.

How the Singapore Literary scene will benefit:
This programme seeks to grow the readership and appreciation for SG Lit, and you can support the scene by buying, gifting and reading books by writers and publishers from Singapore. Lets celebrate our stories and spread the love of reading!

As per the wacky & eccentric character of BooksActually, we hope that you will be able to support and help build a Singapore where books and reading for the love of reading is valued the usual Singaporean KPIs. Lend us a hand to spread this message as well.

Thank you!


Article Written by Kenny, BooksActually