Quality vs Quantity – Video Production in Singapore

There are numerous articles out there talking about the battle between Quantity VS Quality when it comes to content marketing. Which is better? Which makes sense? First, let’s put some definitions on all these buzzwords.

Wtf is content marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online materials (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. In a nutshell, it’s a piece of asset you use to elicit a specific response you want, badam tsssch.

Example of content marketing is CVP’s Just FAQ It series, where we answer frequently asked questions from clients, but not once was our brand name mentioned at all (just at the end, with the end tag). Major brands like DHL also push out a sizeable amount of content.

Now on to my definitions of what Quantity and Quality is

Quantity refers to the number of outputs (or something like that). We usually see it with companies pushing out a lot of content without putting much thought on the execution, treatment, look, and actual content of the asset. User-generated content (UGC) is a good example of quantity over quality. Platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and the now defunct Vine, depended on UGC, creating massive amounts of videos, with no consequence of the quality of the content. It’s just an onslaught of videos and videos and more videos.

Your Facebook feed is a prime example of UGC as well, where content might not be of quality, but every millisecond, content is being published.

Some traits of Quantitative content:

  • Cheap to execute
  • Non-committal in execution and generation
  • Easy to push out
  • Sometimes doesn’t seem like much thought was put into it

Now, quality means curating the stuff you put out, and making sure it’s on brand, on point, and on the road to bringing you some quality ROI. Creators on Vimeo definitely put a lot of creative, heart, effort and soul, into the content that they create, and it’s obvious.

Some traits of Qualitative content:

  • Thought out budgets are given into execution
  • Doesn’t look as haphazard and unplanned
  • Ties back into a larger overarching marketing campaign

Before I go on to saying which team wins the war, let me pose a question: what is quality to you?

Quality is Subjective

You see, quality to me might not be the same definition as quality to you. Some might find my quick handphone generated highlights to be of substantial quality, some might not, and some might argue that our marketing campaigns are of high quality, and vice versa. Quality, therefore, is subjective.

- Quality vs Quantity - Video Production in Singapore - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

It doesn’t matter what the definitions of quantity or quality are to you or me. What matters is the desired outcome these pieces of content achieve! Circling back to my initial point, content is just a created piece of asset you use to elicit a specific response you want, BADAM TSSSSCH!

The first step is to understand your target market, know what they like, and create content that appeals to them. If your audience likes the amount of content you publish, then keep publishing content that appeals to them, be it nuggets of knowledge, industry highlights, news headliners, listicles, whatever and whichever! If your audience prefers nicely curated, quality content, then spend some time to flesh out what that piece of content will be and fine-tune it so that your readers/viewers can appreciate what you’ve put out into the digital sphere!

To wrap it up…

No form of content (quantity or quality) is ever better than the other. It all boils down to what you want to achieve, and how you leverage on content marketing to get there. So, let’s put away our boxing gloves, hug some trees, and hope that aliens don’t come and enslave us. Think War of the Worlds.

Badam, tsch.