New Video Trend: Silent Vlogging, Sshh!

New Video Trend: Silent Vlogging - New Video Trend: Silent Vlogging, Sshh! - CVP Group, Singapore September 2021
New Video Trend: Silent Vlogging, Sshh! 1

Vlogging is one of the most popular types of video documentation out there. Someone fronts the camera, shares their thoughts and opinions and tells you to subscribe to their channel even if they’re really just on Instagram Stories… (we’re all guilty of this). But recently vlogs across Asia Pacific are becoming more quiet. And millions of people are actually clicking to watch these silent videos. How is this happening??

Here’s why it’s so successful:

1. It Gives A Sense Of Peace:

When we say silence, we don’t really mean that they’re completely muted. These creators typically dub over soft, peaceful music or record their activities in an ASMR-like quality. We don’t know the science behind how these videos make us feel, but if you’ve seen slime videos during its era, then you know how mysteriously addictive these low-energy videos can be.

2. It’s Versatile & Easy To Execute:

To film a silent vlog, you don’t need to use fancy microphones or camera set ups or even do anything particularly interesting! Many of these videos focus on daily, mundane routine activities. People surprisingly find it calming instead of boring but maybe that’s because not everyone has the free time or headspace to take notice and enjoy these little moments in their lives.

3. You Can Be Faceless:

Many people (and brands) typically shy away from showing their faces to the camera because giving a face to your video invites many risks. Are you presenting your brand properly? Are you too unglam to be on camera? Did you accidentally impersonate someone you shouldn’t? And more. Take away all of these worries and you have a faster processes and easier decisions to make.

What do you think of this new trend? Do you think this could come in handy for a brand execution or is it strictly for personal use?

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group