New Market Trend: Creating Content For Audiences Craving F2F Interactions

New Market Trend: Creating Content For Audiences Craving F2F Interactions - New Market Trend: Creating Content For Audiences Craving F2F Interactions - CVP Group, Singapore October 2021
New Market Trend: Creating Content For Audiences Craving F2F Interactions 1

Audience behaviours worldwide are changing as people increasingly prepare to return into a world of less virtual zoom meetings and ‘more pants’. Google released an insight report detailing the most common searches pertaining to this behaviour and explaining what they mean. Lucky for you, we’ll add on to that and tell you how to use these to your creative advantage for your next campaign!

The Main Insights + Content Recommendations

1. Celebrating Moments In-Person: Consumers all gearing up to enjoy life in the most ‘normal’ (and hopefully legal) way possible. Whether or not restrictions allow them to do so, nothing can stop their excitement and eagerness to prepare for it. Some searches include “party venues near me,” “invitations,” and “wedding dress shops near me”.

Content Recommendation:
It’s best to start thinking on how you can host your next in-person event or activation now. Your audience will be more likely to participate on-site more than ever! Similarly that means that they’ll engage with the content leading up to the event too. To avoid disappointing your audience try to gamify your event or focus on facilitating more face-to-face interactions.

2. Growing Self Consciousness: People are putting in more effort into beautifying themselves for the gram and for the real world. Popular searches include “sunscreen for face,” “pediatric dentist near me,” “makeup artist near me” and “no beard filter”.

Content Recommendation:
This is a good opportunity for beauty and wellness brands! You’re naturally in demand – that’s awesome. But if you don’t fall within that category don’t worry. I’m sure you’re familiar with Instagram Stories and Snapchat. They’re famous for their AR filters which will be your key to unlocking this audience. Find a smart way to integrate your brand or product into an entertaining filter that’s shareable.

3. Active Indoors & Outdoors: Even the couch potatoes are getting sick of just chilling at home. Everyone is itching to move whether it’s under the sun or under their own roof. Some searches include “indoor water park,” “playgrounds near me,” “concerts” and “skating rink”.

Content Recommendation:
Apart from organising an outdoor event, alternatively you can give your audiences some suggestions on the kind of activities that they can do to stay active regardless of location.Your audience would appreciate brand new ideas that are in line with their interests. Try to brainstorm on creative ways to involve your brand within your suggestions and encourage participation!

4. Post-Pandemic Guidance: After spending the majority of the lockdown indoors, people are trying to rebuild the best version of themselves as they step out into the world again. Popular searches include “how much to tip” and “what shoes to wear with”.

Content Recommendation:
Now’s a good time to explore a more educational angle in your brand’s current content strategy. Providing educational support during a time of demand will allow your brand or even your employees to be key opinion leaders that your audience will continue to look up to even after this phase has died out.

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group