New Adventure #1: Whole New World

I never imagined myself working in the media industry.

I have no professional experience in filming, specifically production (well, I’ve done quite a number of dance covers for Youtube so I kinda know some basic stuff).

But being a Producer, this whole new world was strange for me.

- New Adventure #1: Whole New World - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

I studied Tourism & Hospitality Management previously, and have worked mainly in F&B for a few years (though I have done other works in other industries as well). I do enjoy myself working in this line, finding joy through the conversations with customers and serving a good cuppa – perks of working in a cafe, I get to enjoy and start my day with a cup of coffee!

- New Adventure #1: Whole New World - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
(My ‘not so successful’ attempt of pulling an art early in the morning while trying out this new espresso machine.)

Honestly, I’m so bad at writing up blogs, but sometimes I guess it’s good to record down my journey and what I’ve learnt.

Knowing nothing much about how to be a Producer, my first two days at CVP was rather…slow and kinda bored with the fact that I can’t help with anything?

Jeremiah was like “aiya take it slow lah, don’t rush the process and slowly familiarise the Company first”, which is true – thank God my first week was slower so I least I get to understand better at what the Company does, and what projects they’ve done in the past.

Also, use this opportunity to build rapport with my colleagues!

I’m so used to being tasked with things to do on the first day of work, so slowing my learning pace down was something new to me as well (disclaimer, I’m not a ‘chiong-ster’ alright haha).

- New Adventure #1: Whole New World - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Despite the first two slower days at work, I’m really thankful for friendly and helpful colleagues who assisted me on my onboarding journey!

I’m fortunate to learn many practical skills in my first week of work. From setting up equipment on set and interacting with clients, to working with other producers in ongoing projects and pre-production meetings.

So far in my first week, I am honoured to be involved in projects with DDB Group Singapore, KPMG, Karen & Karen, Northshore Primary School and Lazada.

It was an eye-opening moment for me and I’ve got to learn new skills and insights from CVP.

Thankful for such opportunities and this new adventure.

I’m excited to embark on this chapter – new journey and creating kickass content with the tribe!

- New Adventure #1: Whole New World - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

I’m Emmeline, or just call me Emz. And if I can do it, so can you.

Don’t be afraid to try new things (I used to love staying in my comfort zone and doing the mundane), life is not exciting and there’s no growth if you have not experienced different opportunities, right?

Till next time.

And…it’s a wrap!

P.S. I’m not good at writing or words in general lah! *yikes*