New Adventure #2: The Week So Far

Guess who’s back…

Yeah, it’s me! Seems like I’m blogging another week in my life.

But if you don’t mind reading about my life as a junior producer, then I hope this helps and hopefully interesting to read. Haha.

Second week into this new chapter in life – been really busy this week!

One of our biggest shoots in CVP – we did a mukbang shoot and oh boy, I think I have more talents or skills than I imagined.🤪

Particularly for this mukbang shoot, I was assigned to art the scene (which was something I’ve never tried on a professional level).

I’ve only watched youtubers doing up their living spaces, and saw some pinterest ideas that I wanted for my future home, but definitely not styling up for someone’s home – specifically, the brief was to make the living room space cosy.🤔

We did a location recce and thankfully, this owner’s home was already filled with beautiful plants and furnitures. I used whatever experience and knowledge I had, to add into designing the space (with a little sprinkle of my personal taste).

So here’s how it looks like before:

- New Adventure #2: The Week So Far - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021
(This is the area and angle that we will be shooting at)

Having to work within a certain budget was challenging, but I can say I enjoy prop shopping a lot! (Or perhaps it’s just a girl’s thing lol)😂

I was pretty excited about this project. And to cut things short, I’ll just share the visuals of the end transformation here.

- New Adventure #2: The Week So Far - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021
(Creating the day-time look)
- New Adventure #2: The Week So Far - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021
(Lightings changed for the night-time look)

This week we’ve been busy preparing for other upcoming shoots, and time was a challenge.

Though most projects I’m not really being involved in, I was able to listen and watch how the other colleagues are preparing and brainstorming, and it gives me deeper understanding on how normally the work flow is.

Anyway, I’ll be busy doing other stuff for ongoing projects, and in the meantime, here’s something to keep you hungry.

- New Adventure #2: The Week So Far - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021
(Food styling for the night-time mukbang session)

Perks of working in cafes before, anything involving food I guess I could make it work. Haha.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to share more in the next one.

See y’all again?😉

Signing out.



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