New Adventure #3: Packed Weekend

I thought this week would be a smooth sailing one.

Turns out…not really.😓

I remembered starting the week with a positive mindset, that okay, everything we’ve planned out and done will go on smoothly and it’ll be a very productive week.

That being said, it was productive but…it also became a rocky mid-week.

- New Adventure #3: Packed Weekend - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021

It was my first time facing such tensed up situations, and having to work on a project with a very tight deadline was not easy.

Felt like my brain cells were shrinking and screaming for help.😅 

Throughout the mid-week, we struggled to rush and get things done, trying to fulfil our client’s brief for the project etc. What I clearly remembered was also our pre-production meetings with our clients – I think that day was one of the most stressful days since the moment I’ve stepped into CVP haha.

- New Adventure #3: Packed Weekend - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021

During those intense meetings, as I watched and learned how my other colleagues handled the process, it made me wonder what if similar situations happened again and if I were the one to manage it, how would I have done it to ensure a smooth meeting.🤨

- New Adventure #3: Packed Weekend - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021

This weekend was truly packed and nerve-wrecking.

Although it was a good learning curve for me but oh boy, the process was A RIDE.

I guess it trains one self on how to manage different kind of stress, and perhaps ability to think and react on the spot.

Good learning point for someone who has minimal to no experience in this sector, and be on the ball when thrown into the fire – but no, our boss has been amazing at helping and putting out the fire for us (thanks Miah!).😭 

Managing different projects with tight deadlines back to back is really challenging I must say, till a point that I felt bad for not contributing to something that I’m involved in. 

- New Adventure #3: Packed Weekend - CVP Group, Singapore June 2021

But in a blink of an eye, third week in as a newbie just flew by – I still enjoy the process of learning and being part of the production though, don’t get me wrong.

Just gonna anticipate what’s to come next and pray for more smooth sailing projects in the future!🙏🏻 

Till next time, adios amigos!



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