Which Is More Effective?: Visuals VS Words

Which Is More Effective?: Visuals VS Words
More effective? Visuals VS Words - Which Is More Effective?: Visuals VS Words - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Which Is More Effective?: Visuals VS Words 1

Designers and copywriters live in two very different worlds.
They both love visuals and words as separate entities – no questions asked.
Our preferences hugely depends on our chosen career option. But let’s take a step back and
relook at this from the point of view of our audience. Which one really takes the cake for them?
Well, the best cake is the one that’s a perfect mix of visuals and words.

Here’s 3 ways you can integrate your visuals and words for effective messaging:

  1. Your visuals serve as ‘Attention Catchers’: The internet is a crowded place and visuals are great first-impression disruptors for stand out. It’s interpreted by the brain faster, consequently triggering an action from your audiences faster too. So don’t take the risk of your messaging not being read just because of ugly visuals!
  2. Your words are the “Determining Factor of Success’: In order for your audience to find value in your content, your words need to sing into their hearts perfectly. It has to be either impactful or useful for them to find your content worthy of being shared or interacted with. Visuals are strong but words give it extra depth.
  3. Balance the standards of both: Your copy needs to match up to your visuals and depending on the creative project you’re working on, there is always a different recipe of how much of both of these your audience needs to see. Different mixes give you different outputs.

So don’t neglect either one because your final product is dependent on the success of the other.
Have a blast creating your next project with these tips in mind!

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group