Is Your Brand Ready To Be On TikTok?

Is Your Brand Ready To Be On TikTok? - Is Your Brand Ready To Be On TikTok? - CVP Group, Singapore September 2021
Is Your Brand Ready To Be On TikTok? 1

As a relatively new platform, there were many doubts on whether TikTok is the right place for brands and businesses. But marketing changemakers took on the challenge and found creative solutions that set an example for others to follow! And TikTok, has newly released insights to back up their success.
How convenient is that?

Based on the holy grail they just dropped, here’s a quick checklist you should tick off before doing your next TikTok.

1. Is Your Sound Relevant?

Associate your brand with the right TikTok sound and you’re guaranteed to see a major impact! Remix a trending sound to make an original or pick one from their trending library. If you do this tastefully; 68% of users will remember you better while 62% would be curious to find out more about your brand.

2. Are You Using Content Marketing?

43% of TikTok users tend to buy something they’ve seen from the platform. However, they are more inclined to action if you embrace the authentic and unpolished video style that everyday creators use. Do that and you have 10% more users who could be leads!

3. Did You Engage Content Creators?

If there’s anything that’s true to every platform is that opinion leaders hold more influence than brands. Since TikTok thrives on ‘natural creatives’, engage a TikTok Creator who’s well known amongst your audience! 66% of users enjoy when brands feature their favourite creators in campaigns. Just take note to be mindful – not all influencers have influence on TikTok.

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group