How To Transform Small Ideas Into Powerful Campaigns

How To Transform Small Ideas Into Powerful Campaigns - How To Transform Small Ideas Into Powerful Campaigns - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
How To Transform Small Ideas Into Powerful Campaigns 1

If you’re a marketer, the first thing you’d say when you see an awesome campaign would be “How did they think of that??”. Well, we’ve asked the same question too and that’s why we interviewed Anton Reyniers, Strategic Partnership Lead at Google to find out the process behind creating content ‘magic’. Watch his video interview with us here or read on to get some tips we’ve put together as a content creation agency planning for projects 24/5 a week (it’s just as good, we promise).

Here’s 3 things you should practise when developing ideas.

1. Don’t Skip Your Brain Dump!

In order to come up with unexpected ideas or unique concepts you need to be able to reinvent your immediate thought process. And reinvention requires you to dig deep into qualitative insights and reconnect the dots that make up your ‘big picture’. The devil’s in the details, searching takes some effort but it’s worth it!

2. Dramatise Your Angle More:

Exaggerate your key message either visually or metaphorically! This helps to bring clarity to your unique angle which will be useful when developing other areas of your campaign. Dramatising the obvious can also mean taking on more risky and daring ideas. Being disruptive is one of the ways you can stand out from your bigger (and richer) competitors.

3. Focus On The Intangibles:

The best campaigns are the ones that audiences hold close to their hearts. Explore diving into social causes or social advocacy to improve brand recall! Connect your messages to what matters to your audience. Good ideas come from projective data but great ideas come from being human.

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group