How To Organically Build WOM Using Videos

How To Organically Build WOM Using Videos - How To Organically Build WOM Using Videos - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
How To Organically Build WOM Using Videos 1

“The more transparent you’re about your processes, the more people will trust your brand and share with others.”

– Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital, CVP Group

Ever wanted to be like one of the big players? Like Apple for example. They don’t even have an active social media presence – they just make ads, hold live keynote presentations online and release their products. And yet, they have the most loyal customers in the world. What’s their secret? Their organic word of mouth marketing (WOM).

If that’s the goal you have for your brand, here’s an extensive list on how you can kickstart your efforts!

1. Reinforce your uniqueness to your customers: Remind them what you’re known for, and what you do f*king good. The more you provide quality and value to your customers, the more they’d want to support you and tell the world about how awesome you and your brand is!

2. Do a ‘viral’ campaign: Okay yes there’s no such thing as a viral marketing campaign, but you can add elements to your campaign to make it viral. We did a campaign for Deliveroo where they created a pop-up Impossible Meats vending stall in the middle of the central business district in Singapore, and it had a lot of people talking about it.

When you receive free food, you’ll take pictures. When you receive free food from Impossible Meats, you’ll take pictures, share it on instagram, and share it, and other people will share it because it’s like “whaaaaaaaaaat”! In those pictures, there will definitely be brand mentions of both Deliveroo and Impossible Foods.

3. Curate nice key visuals and pictures on your branded instagram feed: Nice pictures are always great because people want to live vicariously through people and we are all visual creatures. So if you create nice visuals, people will be inclined to share it and talk about it. This can spark a conversation or discussion, but please NEVER EVER sexualise your content, I know you’re better than that.

4. Cinematic narratives and sentimental storytelling: You can include your customers in your campaigns because this will actually use real-life experiences and build on existing loyalty and awareness to tag onto your own brand exposure. We helped PropertyGuru create a slew of testimonial videos talking about how PropertyGuru helped people find their dream forever homes, and for the property seekers who were involved, they were so appreciative of the opportunity that they in turn talked about it on their own feeds.

This evokes nostalgia and also good feelings towards your brand, which is emotional and goes deeper than superficial elements.

5. Get your consumers to create UGC: With the inclusion of customers in your campaigns, your customers can actually create UGC on their own. UGC in essence is already WOM in nature because you didn’t engage people to do it, and you didn’t pay people to do it. UGC is always seen as genuine, and the only disadvantage is that you can’t control the quality or control the conversation, but hey some press is better than zero press.

You can also engage influencers to do an initial push for your brand, and let their followers continue the conversation and WOM marketing.

6. Reward them with rewards: What do customers love from brands more than being rewarded for being a customer! Here’s just some ideas of how you can retain customers
– Discounts
– Offers
– Giveaways
– Gifts
– Coupons
– Rewards & Points
A happy customer is a returning customer, so keep them happy!

Will WOM ever die out? I am pretty sure it won’t because if we continue to have hair salons, barbers, and wet market meet ups, people will talk. Question is, do you want them to be talking about the good or bad about your brand? If you ever need help with content creation and campaigning to aid in future WOM marketing campaigns, CVP Group is here to help because we live for your validation!

So go forth, and create your WOM campaign today!

Article written by Jeremiah Su, Chief Cheerleader at CVP Group