How To Make Your Own Livestream

How To Make Your Own Livestream
Make your own livestream - How To Make Your Own Livestream - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
How To Make Your Own Livestream 1

“When Covid-19 came knocking on our door, we were forced to try new things and explore unchartered territories – live-streaming for Alibaba, GovInsider, NEC, and Singapore ArtsHouse. We tried, we conquered, we excelled. Super excited to never stay comfortable… because there’s no growth in comfort, and no comfort in growth. ?”

– Jeremiah, Chief Cheerleader, CVP Group

Livestreams are becoming more popular now than ever before because of our desire to have real-time, online interactions in place of live events. Thanks to Youtube, live-streaming a whole show with trailers and pre-recorded videos can be done by anyone for free! Here’s what the new Youtube ‘Premiere’ entails:

  1. You can have trailers, just like a cinema!: Upload a pre-recorded video teaser that’s 15 secs to 3 mins long. It will be played in advance before your actual video premiere to encourage viewers to tune in.
  2. Host a Livestream pre-show: If you prefer to start off by talking to your viewers live then this is your go-to. You could go live for however long you want there’s no time limit!
  3. Set custom Countdown Themes: Before your video officially premieres, you can choose a custom countdown that suits the mood of your video. You’re spoilt for choice.

Now when should you use this feature? Use it to build hype and generate a big audience before your actual video release or online event even starts for a bigger output. All this teasing is going to make your audience excited to watch and engage with you. If you want to spice up your livestream with fancy cameras and lights you know who to call, he sent you this email.

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group