Gen Z’s Influence On Your Business

How to be more human in your content marketing - Gen Z's Influence On Your Business - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Gen Z's Influence On Your Business 1

If you want to survive in this digital climate then you have to pay attention to your Gen Z audience who are digital natives and master navigators online. Their influence on your brand is crucial especially now that the world is depending on digital mediums to stay afloat. Here’s 3 tips on how to cater your business better for them!

1. Inspire before selling: They’re actively searching for what’s ‘in’ to keep up with trends that suit them. Create content that helps them to stay upskilled and in the loop to earn their loyalty.

2. Aesthetic is important: Make a good first (visual) impression! They simulate how their experience with you would be like by judging the photos and videos of your brand. Fail that vibe check and you’ll lose them.

3. Be tech savvy or say goodbye to Gen Z: They are highly critical of how accessible and discoverable your brand is online. If you don’t provide the functionality and user friendliness that they crave, they’re going to look somewhere else.

If you’re willing to adapt to the ways this savvy demographic functions, the possibilities and digital evolution your company can enjoy will last you a lifetime. What do you think Gen Zers love about your company?

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group