Fresh Eyes Part 6: Transcribing Madness

- Fresh Eyes Part 6: Transcribing Madness - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Alright, I was telling you guys that this week will be full of shoots right? Well not really because some of the shoots were moved and I wasn’t involved in all of them. We had the CirclesLife shoot for their GoFundMe campaign.

That was cool because the shoot was art direction driven. The shots were all the same but what changes every single time was the set design. It was amazing how Xandra and Dan, the art d team could pull off the different scenes. What got me like “woah” when I saw the sausages and steak that was placed temporarily near our equipment.

- Fresh Eyes Part 6: Transcribing Madness - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

I thought it was somebody’s lunch LOL but in fact it was used part of the Australia shot. REAL FOOD GUYS. She also brought along food colouring, to enhance the look of the sausage and the steak, pretty rad stuff. It’s like the food was her canvas and she just painted away. A lot of effort being put into a few seconds of the shot, actually I believe it’s like one or two seconds.

So guys, whenever you watch a commercial rather just videos online or offline, you might want to give some thought on how the video came together, in this case in terms of art direction and set design. It’s really amazing how a few props can enhance the set visually. In this case, for the australia shot, it really beefed things up ha ha ha.

- Fresh Eyes Part 6: Transcribing Madness - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Although I was helping out on ad-hoc matters during the shoot, my right hand did get to cameo in the video, as the beer glass hand that clinked with the talent’s glass. Don’t tell my mother, no seriously…don’t hahahaha.

The other thing that stood out during week 6 would be the UOB shoot, I was involved in this shoot together with Douglas. We had to record an entire presentation regarding a new and improved system that was done by this UOB staff and his team.

The struggle comes after the shoot when we had to transcribe the entire 1 hour 45 mins, that’s like 105mins worth or words. CRAZY. Mel couldn’t possibly transcribe the whole thing because that’ll take forever hence we split it up. Each of us took 30mins/15mins worth of rushes and boy oh boy it was a pain.

- Fresh Eyes Part 6: Transcribing Madness - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

I have transcribed before but not on this scale. Everyone knows the pain of transcribing but it’s an even bigger pain if the presenter / interviewee didn’t speak clearly or when they slur or when we just don’t understand what’s going on. It took us hours and hours, we literally took almost the whole day to complete it. (Psst, peep Douglas’s face while transcribing, see the pain in his eyes everyone.)

One thing I learned from this is that, there’s no other way but to just power through. I mean there’s tons of transcribing software out there but it only works if your speaker’s audio is clear. Set aside your distractions and just power through, if you ever have to transcribe very very very long rushes.

That’s all from me today folks, see ya again for numero seveno. (pretty sure that’s wrong but oh well)