Fresh Eyes Part 5: Meetin’, Greetin’, Sesame Streetin’

Updated: Feb 17

Hey, ho, let’s go! That was completely random but did I get your attention? Probably because you’re reading this sentence now. Welcome back to my weekly posts, this is week 5. Time flies, huh?

This week has been mainly focused on tagging along for meetings and briefings. Alicia and I tagged along with Jeremiah to go for two meetings and a brief. To kick things off, we went for a general meeting conducted by the organiser of the Sesame Street Run 2019 (SSR). The meeting was mainly about how the event is going to go down on Sunday (17 November) which I will talk about later on.

The meeting was really general, not much for us to take note as the official media team but it was interesting to see how the stakeholders like security, FNB (Cookie team), first aid and others interact and work together to make the event work. But anyhoos, the meeting ended earlier than expected and we spent time exploring the Tampines Hub hahaha!

- Fresh Eyes Part 5: Meetin’, Greetin’, Sesame Streetin’ - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

Other than the general meeting, I experienced two more meetings with Rockstead and Tempat Senang. I witnessed how CVP conducts meetings and how the ‘Alphabet Soup’ is being rolled out tactically. In short, the ‘Alphabet Soup’ is a series of questions we ask potential clients, to get a sense of what they want.

Besides meetings and briefings, we covered the Sesame Street Run 2019! Our Tampines Hub’s first ever run. For myself, it was mostly super intense because of the heat (despite wearing a cap) the amount of people and the ever-changing schedule. We had to be on our toes every single time because anything can happen.

I remembered missing a shot because of how rapidly the situation changed. I mean, I missed the first part but I didn’t miss the second part hmmmm. But was waking up at 4.30am worth it? I guess. Thankful that we wrapped earlier than expected because most of the main shots were captured very early on.

- Fresh Eyes Part 5: Meetin’, Greetin’, Sesame Streetin’ - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

The whole event was very cute though, seeing all the kids and even adults enjoying the major throwback of Sesame Street. Look at us here, with our CVP Sesame Street letters LOL.

- Fresh Eyes Part 5: Meetin’, Greetin’, Sesame Streetin’ - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

AND! We managed to catch our CVP banner on the long-ass electric board!!! Hahahaha it was worth the time stressing on how to design the banner. I am not a graphic designer but it was a nice feeling seeing your work being on screen hahaha.

Well time to popiah this week’s entry. Next week’s probably going to be interesting because we’re having 5 shoots in 5 days. Ho ho ho.


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