Fresh Eyes Part 4: A Sunday Morning I will Harley Forget

What’s down folks? Ha ha ha, get it? Because usually normal people would say “What’s up”. I’m not normal then. LOL. Hey, it is me back again with another piece of valuable, readable experience. Raring to show and tell you guys about my fourth week.

Most of my days for the fourth week were administrative, from replying client emails to helping the team prepare the vehicles needed for Sunday’s shoot. I won’t dwell in that area so much, although it was a pretty new experience to rent vehicles because I have never rented one before HAHAHA! *laughs in embarrassment* People reading this will probably be like: “Huh rent vehicle also considered new experience for this fella??”

EH MY BLOG RIGHT?! YOU WRITE OR I WRITE??? (pun not intended) Anyway, that was cool, thankful that everything went smoothly before the Harley Davidson shoot.

Two shoots happened this week. Pretty exciting stuff!

First shoot of the week happened on Friday, it was a Diwali event. At this point you’ll probably be like, “wait Diwali/Deepavali is still happening?” Well, I am not too sure but these guys sure know how to paaaaartaaaaaaay. Yes, DBS bank, I’m talking about you.

It was just me and Douglas that night and since he shot for them before, he quickly went through with me about the events and what to expect. First of all it was the first event that I’ve been to that was hella packed. There was little room to ninja my way through, eventually I did manage to get around despite the enthusiastic crowd.

I was on second camera, assisting to capture tighter shots of interaction between guests, their fringe activities, performances, games and the important shots of their key figures. The main takeaway from this event shoot was, you don’t have to shoot everything. You don’t. Just because there’s a lot of action going on at every inch of the ballroom doesn’t mean you’ll have to fill up your memory card.

I was so focused on getting good shots of interaction when I already have about 10 of the same shots. Douglas then advised that it’s okay to not take everything because these shots will only appear for a few seconds in the final cut of the video which I agreed.

Since then I have tried to hold myself back and only shot important stuff which were DBS’s CEO and Chairman. Especially when they were lighting the candle. (Which actually is the most important shot of the night.)

- Fresh Eyes Part 4: A Sunday Morning I will Harley Forget - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

The whole evening proceeded on with a huge group game and the finale was graced by Badshah. Trust me, I do not know who that was until I saw what this dude could do. Just a quick info-bite, Badshah is like a DJ Khaled equivalent but he’s super popular amongst the desi folks. 5.1 million followers on the gram people. He’s a big deal, in the desi entertainment industry. Super cool dude. This is the time when the crowd turned into party animals, everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. (It was a Friday night too, so yeah f*ck it right? Party all night!!!)

That’s kinda it for the DBS Diwali Shoot. Crazy night that was.

Today’s Sunday by the way, the reason why I’m submitting this late is so that I could quickly share about the Harley Davidson shoot. Let me just say that it was one of the craziest Sunday mornings ever.

To put it simply, there were two major segments to this shoot. First, the B-Roll only shoot of the bikers on their bikes and what not. Lastly, their interview segment at HD’s HQ. The first part was the craziest obviously.

- Fresh Eyes Part 4: A Sunday Morning I will Harley Forget - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

I was assisting Douglas in whatever he needs, gear wise and ad-hoc duties. Both of us had harness on and the hook, to hook us to the railings of the pick up cab. You know how Fast and Furious had heists and what not? YEAH THIS WAS IT. I wish somebody could have taken a photo of us at the back.

We had a jib crane installed at the back for the first two rounds of the riding shots. Which was insanely cool, the shots mirrored a drone and the tight (55mm) jib crane shots were amazing because of the bokeh. Some things couldn’t be avoided which was the jerking of the jib because Singapore roads are not all that smooth.

- Fresh Eyes Part 4: A Sunday Morning I will Harley Forget - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

We then proceeded on to Mount Faber to finish up the shots needed like the group shots of the bikers and their intro/hero shots. Fast forward, we headed back to HD’s HQ which was insanely cool, they have super big bikes everywhere and one steam punk inspired looking bike. For visual reference, please see photo above with Jeremiah on it.

- Fresh Eyes Part 4: A Sunday Morning I will Harley Forget - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

The interviews proceeded as per normal and we wrapped, yay! The riders were superb, they gave quite a show on their bikes during the first half of the day.

It was quite an experience I can Harley forget. HAAAAAAAAAAAH. You have to blame Douglas for this, his lame joke disease is an epidemic.

Anyhoo, that’s all from me today. Time to wrap this. Come back for more!