Fresh Eyes Part 3: “Ring Ring Ring.” – Client

HAPPY (BELATED) DEEPAVALI TO ALL WHO CELEBRATED except the guy who scolded the condo security uncle.

Oh our Native Deepavali TVC is out on our Facebook by the way! Go check it out if you have not, it’ll be the best 2 mins 48 seconds of your life. *wink wink*

I remembered the promise I made that I will keep the second blog post short, well, I DIDN’T. What’s good everyone? I’m back again with my digitally tangible thoughts. My third week was kinda short because of the Deepavali public holiday.

- Fresh Eyes Part 3: “Ring Ring Ring.” - Client - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn. The week was more focused on communicating with clients. I received my first phone call from a client and it felt…scary but exhilarating for some reason.

I have a love-hate relationship with phone calls, I really don’t know why I get nervous for phone calls but it goes away the more I practice it. I sound very alien right now, “Who gets nervous for a phone call ammirite???”

- Fresh Eyes Part 3: “Ring Ring Ring.” - Client - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Anyway, it’s important to keep up with the phone calls and usually I would bring my laptop with me to quickly type the pointers out from my conversation with a client (if it’s meant to be a super long one). Jeremiah advised and reminded me to send follow up e-mails after a phone call so that whatever we discussed with the clients don’t get diluted and forgotten. I feel that is a good point to take note as everyone stays on the same page.

I am still trying to reply e-mails as quick as I can but it’s tough because I am usually a clumsy person and I have a tendency to send incomplete or wrong e-mails hahaha based on my NS experience. And also there are always things I am unsure of. “To send or not to send.” “To say this or not to say this.”

- Fresh Eyes Part 3: “Ring Ring Ring.” - Client - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

Speaking of NS, I learned something else as well in week 3 and that is how to “beautify” your communication with clients. I was so used to direct tone in NS when I communicate with people on e-mail but it does not apply here. We must always make our clients feel like clients and we can’t simply order them around, it’s not a nice image to give out instead we can beautify how we say things especially when we need their feedback or assets urgently. It’s always good to be diplomatic. A win-win situation for everyone.

Communication with clients is always important and I hope I can be better in this aspect. Really short one this week, hopefully my insights are valuable to you. Yeah you, the one who’s reading this. I am watching you. No I’m not.

That’s all from me this week, can’t wait to share the following week with you guys! Ta ta.