Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

I can’t recall the number of times I tossed and turned on my thin and flowery mattress. If I were a prata, I’d probably be overcooked. Hahahaha. That was a very bad analogy but let’s move on. My decision to sleep at 12.30am before the start of my first ever full-time job can be ranked as one of Hasif’s Top 50 regrets, not kidding.

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

And yes, I am Hasif the Rookie at CVP AKA Associate Producer, the protagonist of these weekly stories (I really hope I can be on time for this haha!).

I did my Diploma in Mass Communications at Republic Polytechnic, graduated in 2017 and like any other Singaporean males, I served the nation in the Singapore Police Force for 2 full years and here I am now, last quarter of 2019 typing this out.

Most of us would have a hobby or things we like to do but at this point of my life, I don’t really have a hobby? Well I like all things football but it got me into trouble, health-wise. The left side of my body is pretty much done for. It’ll be listed as “used, condition 3/10” on Carousell ha ha ha. (Please laugh at this sad attempt at a joke.)

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

But I do enjoy the company of my friends, you can often find me at Kampung Glam sippin’ teh peng, catch up and talk shit all night. I do need to find a hobby though, any suggestions?

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

Let’s get back on track, the last thing I guess people may or may not know about me is that I used to be super fluffy, I shall insert a photo comparison above. I guess that’s about it from myself, let’s move on to how I ended up at ALICE @ Mediapolis.

How the hell did I end up here?

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

To be very honest, (I believe many kids in their 20s share the same sentiments as me) I have no idea what I want to do. This is something real, something I’m trying to cope with. Before the NS kids ORD, we attended a career fair to help us explore possible career paths. I went with an open mind and heart, hoping to find something that will help me.

I chanced upon the Work Study Programme (WSP) and I was interested in the Digital Branding course. My idea was to go through this programme, learn as much as I can because the world is going full on Digital and littered with social media everywhere. I certainly do not want to be left behind. Basically, I chose to go down this path mainly to stay relevant and in hopes I can find something that I actually like.

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

Fast forward to the hiring process of this course, it was very challenging to get an interview or an offer because I have zero PR/Marketing agency experience. I was also told that it was difficult to pair me up with a company as my Diploma is “generic”. YIKES.

On a faithful Friday, 27 September, I received a text from… CVP hahaha! I was genuinely happy because I had another chance to try this out. I spoke to Jeremiah and it was a good 45 minutes conversation. One thing led to another and here I am. Special shoutout to Jeremiah for taking a chance at me.

First meetings

Let me just get this off my chest, One-North is pretty far yo but nonetheless I battled through the commute, reached ALICE at 9.15am, got my temporary pass and went up. At the same time, I met Chris and he showed me into the office.

I have to admit the office is super cool like it’s something you see from Casey Neistat’s videos. Anyway, I met everyone else except Douglas (he was on leave). Everyone was great and accommodating but I could feel the fast-paced vibes.

I believe that all for first meetings and impressions? I have no complaints, not like anybody told me to knock it down or anything LOL.

Thoughts and feelings

Like I mentioned previously, I did comms in RP and I have super minimal experience in production. Hence I constantly feel overwhelmed as I do not know what to expect as this is the first time I’m stepping into this industry.

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

To be frank, these thoughts haunted me always. Maybe it’s just me? Maybe I am the one who’s amplifying my own negative thoughts. Nonetheless, I’ll have to pull through somehow. I decided to take things slowly, one day at a time. The first week was rough for me because I couldn’t control my thoughts and nerves, I had trouble sleeping (which is bad). I was also super quiet and felt out of place but I think that’s normal for someone new? A part of me is also excited for what’s to come.

What I have learned (so far)

At this point, my memory is pretty foggy. I’ll try to recall as much as I can. First week was mostly administrative. I guess the highlights of my first week were BNI, STAR Carat event shoot and Deepavali Native TVC.

BNI was an interesting experience, I got up at 5.30am and went for the referral marketing business event. I witnessed how the chapter conducted their session and what the whole thing was about, definitely an eye-opening experience. Like, people actually wake up super early for this, which is, wow.

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

The shoots were fun, I picked up certain tips from Douglas and observed how he was shooting. I also had a chance to shoot a few rushes (did I use this term right? haha!). Also learned how to behave and be professional at an event. Deepavali TVC shoot was more like a snippet to an actual production set. We were the crew. I learned about some of the equipment we were using on set like the Dana Dolly, Apple Box, the lights and much more.

- Fresh Eyes Part 1: A Brave New World - CVP Group, Singapore August 2021

It was also nice to see how everything comes together, especially when we were setting up the main scene of the Indian family, how we arranged the practical lights, how we placed the lamp as the foreground to enhance the dolly shot. This segment is kinda short, my apologies, more to come for week 2.

My name is Hasif, please join me as I venture into a brave new world of production, through my eyes.

That’s a wrap from me, till next week!

P.S. Super long posts ammirite???


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