Fresh Eyes Final Part: It’s A Wrap

- Fresh Eyes Final Part: It’s A Wrap - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022

It has been a fruitful 9 weeks, writing these blog posts and finally we’re reaching the end of the Fresh Eyes series. In this post, I am going to pen down the lighter side of things that happened in week 9. That’s right, we had our company retreat! Hell yeah.

Even though it was kind of a short company retreat, we definitely had fun. We travelled across from Singapore to Batam. Shout out to Tempat Senang for the super awesome hospitality! That’s right, we had a company retreat at a spa resort in Batam, Indonesia.

We did a string of group activities as part of our team cohesion, the first activity we had was learning how to make sambal from scratch. We had the opportunity to make three different types of sambal. Sambal Belacan, Sambal Ijo and Sambal Matah. Just some of Indonesia’s finest sambals. Some of us had the chance to cut the ingredients up, some of us did the grinding (AKA me). It was tiring, I don’t know how my grandmother do it. And of course some of us did the cooking of the sambal.

In the end the sambal belacan tasted the best! Not going to lie it was a really good experience and I found a new love for sambal belacan because you know as someone who avoids eating spicy stuff, this is big news. It was really tasty.

For the rest of the day we did a variety of team bonding games that made us shout a lot. The balancing and guiding of the ball in the maze was pretty cool. We were blindfolded and our communication skills were put to the test. Another exciting part that we did was the scavenger hunt, trust we smelled a lot of new things, things we have never smelled before in our entire lives.

We also had a mini self-discovery session, though it’s just a rough test it was a pretty neat thing to know a little something about yourself and your team members. To end off the main day of the company retreat, Jeremiah, Douglas and I went for spa treatments, that’s right, we did. I have never been to one before and I wanted to feel princessy. HAHAHA. I opted for the hot compress treatment where they, you know take warm compress and pummel your body with it, damn that was hot.

But the indo-thai massage though, damn that was stretchy as heck! Pummelling the indo style and super stretching thai style was a pretty badass combination for a massage, brilliant.

It was a pretty fun-filling mini adventure with the gang, Tempat Senang was super great, the room was cozy and we slept a lot, that speaks volumes about how cozy this place is! I would bring my parents here though!

Here comes the sad part of this post, all great things have to come to an end, it was a pleasure penning down my thoughts and experiences for the past 9 weeks. It started out super crazy with Deepavali, Metro, SK and then crazy adventures like Harley, lots of them. It was a privilege to document my experiences in words.

Even though this will be my last post, I still have 1001 things to learn and catch up on! Adventure awaits. (: