Facebook: How Video Works As Content

How to be more human in your content marketing - Facebook: How Video Works As Content - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Facebook: How Video Works As Content 1

Over the course of 5 months, Facebook’s mobile and web layout have gone through at least 2 to 3 major updates. Introducing new features like Facebook Watch, this application used by billions around the world is now finally ready to compete with Youtube. Having a dedicated video tab allows for users to post a wider variety of video content. Have you fully capitalised on Facebook’s video capabilities for your brand?

  1. Evolving Into A Video Platform: The amount of videos on Facebook’s news feed has been rapidly increasing since 2015. As Facebook continues to expand the benefits of its video hosting capabilities, it aims to position itself as a reliable source of income for video creators. This evolution and shift of focus to monetisation and prioritising videos by creators, has evolved Facebook from a social platform to a video platform. Take Nas Daily and The Dodo for example. How many scrolls can you get by on Facebook without coming across a piece of video from them?
  2. Indispensability: Using Facebook has become quite an indispensable part of our lives. Without even realising, it has effortlessly entered our lives, making it hard to even imagine life before Facebook. It has undoubtedly connected people and businesses as a pioneer platform in the social media industry. The introduction of Facebook disrupted the advertising landscape and made brand rethink their strategies and how they connect with consumers. Now, millions of business rely on Facebook to connect to the world. With 2.23 billion users and counting, it has become an integral part of every smartphone user’s lives. 
  3. Facebook Live: In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Facebook Live scene has rose to fame when Covid-19 ensured that we had to be confined to our homes for majority of our time. Business owners who relied heavily on foot traffic for sales have taken to live streaming as an alternative to connect with consumers. Especially in Singapore, from old hawkers at Tekka Market to home retail sellers. Every consumer driven business has taken their shot at live streaming, and have seen the labour of their efforts pay off.

For some businesses, creating a Facebook Page is the equivalent of having their own website. Facebook continues to improve on user experience features for business pages and expansions into video as a primary form of content. Creating videos for your business on Facebook needs no more convincing and explanation. 

Article Written By Alicia Leck, Media Sales and Marketing Executive, CVP Group