Employee Branding: Transforming Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Employee Branding: Transforming Employees Into Brand Ambassadors - Employee Branding: Transforming Employees Into Brand Ambassadors - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Employee Branding: Transforming Employees Into Brand Ambassadors 1

When people think of marketing and branding, they always think of the flashy external campaigns that make a service or product look like awesome sh*t!

But many brands are unaware that their most important customers are sitting a table away from them. Their colleagues, the staff, the tribe members that make up the brand! Those are your most valuable customers.

To build the kind of DNA and ideal dream company, you need to attract that ideal dream candidate to join your gang. Where and how do you start? You begin by championing your employees, shining spotlights on their achievements, and focusing on them.

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”

– Sir Richard Branson

WTF is Employee Branding?

The same way you do branding campaigns for clients, is the same way you do branding campaigns for employees.

Put yourself in the shoes of a person looking for a job. What will they want to see? What will they want to know? How will you attract the best and the brightest out there? Our advice is not talk about the obvious things like who you are, what you do, because people are clever. A simple google search will show all these mundane things.

Instead, focus on these things
Transformation and Motivation: How will the job applicant be better working for you?
Support and Growth: What tools or platforms will you allow this candidate to grow into?
Community and Culture: What are the people like, what are the bosses like, what’s the organisation like?

Here are some amazing employee branded videos we’ve done and seen that can jolt that creative spark in you to create your own – Circles.Life, KPMG and Twitter.

Now Employee branding campaigns also serve as recruitment assets. Killing two tasks with one piece of content, oh yeah!

Why should I bother with Employee Branding?

Once again quoting the great Sir Richard Branson, When you treat your tribe well, they’ll treat the brand well, treat clients well, and overall be outstanding human beings worthy enough to be noticed by aliens.

So with employee branding, you allow your staff to be evangelists for your brand and spread the good gospel of your product or service, and be ambassadors that can build awareness, loyalty, and interest. So many positive benefits.

How to get your tribe to be your cheerleaders?

You need to do tangible actions to build the trust and loyalty of your teams. It ain’t easy, but it’s worth doing in the long run.

1. Good Remuneration: Pay your people well enough, because when you take the constant thought of money and the lack of it, they will not focus on work. When you pay healthy salaries, your staff will be able to free up memory space to think of other things in their life like working harder. Don’t be a scrooge.

2. Reward Through Gifts: Birthdays, anniversaries, special moments, closing that 5 million dollar sale, many events happen in a year and it gives rise to many opportunities for you to reward your team publicly, or in private. Either way, when you do so, you are bestowing the gift of presents on them, and everyone loves to receive presents. Even the grinch.

3. Recognise Their Efforts: Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, you always appreciate encouragement and praise, not to build your ego, but to have your efforts and hard work recognised. Companies need to make employees feel good about themselves so that the output they give is good. Nobody likes a negative worker.

4. Empathy for Employee: Stop treating your workers as tools to further the company. Nobody wants to be a martyr for a brand they work for. Start treating them like humans. Understand that they have inspirations, motivations, aspirations, and not just mere robots. When someone is a little late for work, don’t chastise them and give them a public crucifixion. Understand what happened, and empathise. Everyone is going through something in their lives, including yourself.

In essence, sometimes it’s better to focus internally, to get the best external results a company is looking for. To be seen as awesome, you truly have to BE awesome.

Article written by Jeremiah Su, Chief Cheerleader at CVP Group