Changing The Video Landscape With Augmented Reality

How to be more human in your content marketing - Changing The Video Landscape With Augmented Reality - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Changing The Video Landscape With Augmented Reality 1

Change is the only constant. As CVP changes with expansion, we will keep our excellence and hustle, constant!

– Jeremiah

In celebration of Halloween this year, Facebook Messenger is launching AR Filters and 360 Backgrounds for its users to play with during video calls. Our earliest introduction with AR filters was with Snapchat, and then we had Pokemon GO in 2016, and Instagram’s launch of AR filters in 2018. With technology advancement, one can only imagine where else it would take us. Here are 3 aspects of AR that make it worth considering:

  1. Interactive Experiences: With AR, participants can now be heavily involved in a hands-on, multi-sensory experience. It creates a different category of interactiveness with more input and freedom given to participants.
  2. Visually Captivating: The selling point of AR is how real it seems. With AR, we are able to visualise how technologically created objects exists in the real world environment. Just look at all the attention Pokemon GO when it first came out, who knew we could one day see Pokemons in our bedrooms!
  3. Wide Usability: From a business perspective, application of AR tech is vast. The gaming, industrial, medicinal, and advertising industry are some of the few places that have begun testing AR to further improve processes and outputs. 

Albeit still a relatively new and growing technology, there’s no doubting the potential AR brings to our evolution as a society. From a video perspective, AR definitely precedes animations in explaining highly complex structures and increasing interactivity for consumers. Are there any areas of your business that might work well with AR?

Article Written By Alicia Leck, Media Sales and Marketing Executive, CVP Group