Can Creativity Be Taught?

Can creativity be taught - Can Creativity Be Taught? - CVP Group, Singapore July 2021
Can Creativity Be Taught? 1

Well the quick answer to that is yes.
Creativity is not special to a few individuals, it’s for everyone; your designer, your editor, your insurance agent. Literally, everyone! So if you’re one of those people who refuses to give creative inputs during brainstorming sessions in your office because you think you don’t have what it takes, well it’s time to start talking. Because creativity needs to be practised routinely. It’s not a miraculous “eureka”!

Here’s 3 tips on how to unleash your creative potential :

  1. Mirror your inspirations: Use their ideas as a stepping stone, replicate what they’ve done and recreate it again and again. Sounds easy (and abit like cheating) but this experience is not as simple as it sounds. it gives you a greater understanding of the creative process and gets your mind accustomed to creating.
  2. Trust in the process: Creativity is a muscle memory and it takes time for it to become more natural to you. Just look at the experts in your field, how do you think they always manage to come up with fresh ideas? It’s because of their constant long-term experience and exposure!
  3. Believe in your capabilities: Our minds will believe whatever you keep telling it. So if you can’t come up with something new, don’t give up so soon. Push on especially when you’re having a creative block, only then will you grow. It takes plenty of discipline to do this but it’s not impossible!

Creativity is the 2nd most sought out skill in the working world.
So remember these tips and break out of your old beliefs that creativity is reserved for a special few!
You’ll have greater things in store for you.

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group


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