Breaking News: CVP Group joins forces with The Outsiders Co. 

Breaking News: CVP Group joins forces with The Outsiders Co!

Aaaand the cat is out of the bag! The supercharged tribe of CVP Group is officially joining forces with the extraterrestrial creators at The Outsiders Co! Say hello to our latest alias ‘Superminted’.

That’s right, just like our brand new perfectly picked name, the merger between our companies means you can expect new and improved content. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting merger!

1. We are what you need.

Like your favourite Superheroes, we’re ready for anything your brand requires, or wants, because we’re officially a full-service marketing agency. That means we’re packed with in-house capabilities such as video, branding, PR, content creation, print, digital marketing and more! 

2. We are fresh.

Our brand new addition to the team are incredible experts with deep knowledge in various disciplines. So you can expect more effective solutions, comprehensive strategies and innovative ideas! If you can dream it, we can do it.

3. We are faster.

Since Superminted has 360-degree IMC capabilities and in-house video production services, your processes with us will be much faster and seamless compared to anywhere else. Agility is a key factor to success in the current landscape, you’ll be in good hands.

Watch Jeremiah Su do an ASMR unboxing of the agency’s brand new logo 🎁 and listen to the hottest news about this merger from our new Chief of Strategy, Nadine Wu! 👏🏼

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group