Black Mirroring: The Effective Way To Engage Your Audiences

Black Mirroring: The Effective Way To Engage Your Audiences - Black Mirroring: The Effective Way To Engage Your Audiences - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Black Mirroring: The Effective Way To Engage Your Audiences 1

Youtube just released their Culture & Trends Report for the quarter and we’re here to shine light on one of the many insights they discovered. Good news is you can apply this tip to every digital platform you know, not just Youtube!

The most effective way to increase your brand relevance and deepen relationships with your audiences is by directly mirroring their online behaviours. Doing so humanises your brand and allows them to feel closer and more connected to you. That’s why it’s called ‘Black Mirror’ – audiences gravitate to brands, people and lifestyles they can see themselves in – get it? If you still don’t just look at your locked phone screen.

Follow These 3 Tips To Improve Your Online Engagement

1. Participate in Community Conversations: We’re talking more than just replying to them. It’s all about speaking the same language. A deep understanding of your audience’s internet culture and lingo will allow you to blend in in the online community and come up with appropriate content that’s better suited for them. So go and familiarise yourself with the nuances in your community and avoid the risk of sounding tone deaf. Do plenty of research!

Fan communities like Marvel’s typically like to create super-extended versions of their favourite moments, memes or songs and upload it onto Youtube. So Marvel took notice of this and replied to trending fan conversations of Zemo’s dancing scene from ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ series by posting a 1 hour loop on Youtube.

Long story short, it got 6 million views and counting. It’s a huge hit, as expected, well done Marvel! This is a great example of participating in community conversations with the right, mirrored language.

2. Copy their Aesthetics and Formats: Every community has their own preference of visuals, platforms, designs and like what many of them like to call ‘vibe’. Although prioritising creativity and bringing it to the next groundbreaking level is every creator’s number one goal, it’s important to always ask yourself first; how will the audience respond to it, will they think it’s boring, too fanciful or just… ‘not them’?

It’s key for them to identify with the intangible selling point of your product or service. So make sure your visuals translate their manifestations!

3. Focus on their online behaviours: One important thing you have to remember is that how people behave in real life can be very different from how they act on the internet. So when you do your research on your audiences, don’t base the majority of your findings or data on their real life ventures. Focus on their activities, likes, dislikes and habits online.

Using ad analytic tools like Facebook Ads Manager to give you better insights and predictions on your target audience’s online preferences.

Well in the media industry, one type of video that often gets the most engagement (or controversy) are pranks! This week our company decided to prank our boss since it’s his Birthday Month. You can watch the successful prank here.
Update: We still have our jobs, don’t worry.

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Head of Digital at CVP Group