B2B’s Survival Guide On LinkedIn

B2B's Survival Guide On LinkedIn
B2B's survival guide on LinkedIn - B2B's Survival Guide On LinkedIn - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
B2B's Survival Guide On LinkedIn 1

Business has no place on social media. Or at least that’s what someone would say when they have trouble engaging their audience. A hilarious meme will usually do the job but if you’re engaging ineffectively, you’re not going to get sales and conversions. Here’s LinkedIn’s best recommendations to engage audiences for business!

  1. Strengthen your sales and marketing collaboration: Work with your sales counterparts and understand your customer journey touch points. Then generate marketing content that ties directly with your sales’ efforts.
  2. Earn trust through thought leadership: This empowers your sales team with the permission to sell. Share relevant industry research, use videos to feature your leaders and host a LinkedIn event.
  3. Revolve around customer journey: Take note of what kind of content your audience is engaging with. Look at their feed and not just your own page’s data to get a sense of what matters to them.

And one last pro tip from us, use videos. It’s the most consumed type of content out there and it lets you stand out from the sea of text LinkedIn has. It’s easy to consume and it’s engaging. Check out our It’s A Wrap video above to see how we do it here in CVP Group. Tag us in your videos if you ever make one!