B2B VS B2C On Social Media

How to be more human in your content marketing - B2B VS B2C On Social Media - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
B2B VS B2C On Social Media 1

Social media is a piece of cake for millennials – until they have to do B2B social media marketing. B2B’s content framework is a lot different from how we usually use social media so the creativity doesn’t come as naturally.

– Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer at CVP Group

It’s all fun and games when you think about going onto Instagram to post your latest selfie. But once we have to use it from a business perspective things start getting a little trickier and harder. Knowing the differences between B2B and B2C’s social media framework can give you the edge to make better marketing decisions!

  1. B2B content is a mix of fun and facts: Both B2B and B2C content have to be entertaining and emotionally resonate with their audience but the former also requires informative content like facts and statistics.
  2. B2C suits FB, IG and Twitter best: Their audience is on these platforms for entertainment so interactive content is key! B2B however, should focus on raising awareness for their brand instead of selling their services here.
  3. B2C and B2B have differing main objectives: B2C needs to ensure that their brand is seen from a positive perspective whilst B2B has to focus on increasing website traffic through their socials!

These are critical differences that can affect the performance of your company online so go ahead and replan your content calendars for more appropriate targeting! Remember to analyse and track your data to see which posts perform best and use that to your advantage. Which style do you think is harder to execute?

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group