Adjusting To Office Reopenings

How to be more human in your content marketing - Adjusting To Office Reopenings - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
Adjusting To Office Reopenings 1

It’s not a question of whether you’re ready to give up working from your bed, it’s about whether you’re ready to deal with listening to more voices other than the one in your head. (The accidental rhyming made this sound more epic than I intended)

– Kyra Coleen, CVP’s Digital Marketer

Gone are the days of office ghost towns and lonely, abandoned desktops! Offices are starting to gear up for full force re-openings and that means you have to brace yourself for a surge of creativity and gossiping – which you might’ve missed. After working from home for so long, it won’t be a surprise if you forgot how to coexist and work productively with a mix of people. So here’s some tips to ease your transition back into the office!:

  1. Take a personality test workshop: Understand yourself, your team and your clients. Knowing the motivations that fuel many different personalities is a life hack for you to create better relations and secure that bag!
  2. Everyone’s expectations have changed: Working from home gave everyone the time to realise what works in their processes and what doesn’t. Get to know everyone’s newfound preferences and working styles.
  3. Redesign your space: Start on a clean slate and get yourself some new office decor; plants, a new computer chair or whatever else that tickles you! Make your own zen safe space that you can retreat to when you’re stressed.

Humans are incredibly social creatures and learning how to live with an entire tribe was and is still the key to survival! We depend on each other to cope with our mental health, stress and other major shifts in our lives. How do you think your working life will improve with your colleagues back to support you?

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group