A Closer Look At Women In The Media Industry

A Closer Look At Women In The Media Industry
Women in the media industry - A Closer Look At Women In The Media Industry - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
A Closer Look At Women In The Media Industry 1

The media industry is drama – it’s bold and it’s competitive.
But people are seduced by it because ultimately, it’s fun! In this scape it’s the survival of the fittest. However, not everyone started off on equal footing. Men pre-dominantly ruled the media industry in its earliest days but it has since then evolved into a promising land of dreams and hopes for women too.
So what do they have to say about the current media landscape right now?

Here’s 3 things you should know about women in the media industry!

  1. They value the importance of visibility of women as leaders: Women are well represented in the industry but they continue to be a minority in senior levels as they encounter more hostile experiences and standards. We all know how important role models are in shaping our career goals. Female representation in leadership roles is crucial to encourage growth.

2. They are ready for conversations, are you?: Women are more aware of the gender parity that occurs in their workplace compared to men and they are willing to talk about it! For change to happen effectively in the workplace, those in senior levels need to engage in conversations, learn about their problems and allocate their resources accordingly to fix things. It all starts with one talk.

3. They are risk-takers: More and more women are venturing into the media industry that as of now there’s more women than men at entry level positions! This is proof that all these years of female led-movements which spark inspiration and empowerment is working. New generations of brave female creators will be born as we continue to celebrate future #InternationalWomensDay’s.

Do you feel compelled to find out more about what the ladies have to say?
Go and check out the in-depth research done on women in the media industry or (if you’re feeling lazy to read) watch the fun interview we conducted with 3 inspirational female leaders that CVP Group has worked with in Singapore’s media industry!

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group