7 Tips for Finding the Best Video Production Agency in Singapore

Choosing a video production agency in Singapore, as many like to call is a difficult job specifically if you care about the end results of your brand.

Believe me, you might discover a bunch of firms who seem great but when it comes to ultimately producing, you’ll discover that they will not be as beneficial as they seem and you’ve been catfished!

1. Collect Social Proof

Within this digital era, prior to even calling a firm, all it takes is merely a few clicks to access any amount of info about them. Social proof, in this particular context, is just about gathering evidence that other clients who have collaborated with a specific agency have found value in their services or products.

By doing this you should be able to narrow your initial search to just a handful of extremely appropriate and capable prospects as opposed to randomly calling people and wasting your time giving briefs again and again. Your time is precious, come on!

2. Learn more about the Video Production Crew as a Whole

Typically, your initial point of contact will be the business development team or a sales representative. It is essential to give them as many details as possible about your company, your video needs and any ideas developed thus far.

- 7 Tips for Finding the Best Video Production Agency in Singapore - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
7 Tips for Finding the Best Video Production Agency in Singapore 1

Make sure to speak with the creative team too– it’s remarkable how frequently companies fail to do this. By speaking to the creative director and telling them about your product or service, in addition to your brand values, your message will likely be converted more effectively into a single story that is both appealing and powerful.

3. Be Open to Professional Opinion

Once you and your team have come to an agreement ​with a specific agency, the collaborative process can now begin. Always remember that this collaboration can be viewed like a marriage. If you approach it as a mere business transaction, where, because you are paying for a service, you feel it appropriate to dictate every step of the process, you are almost guaranteeing to reduce the quality of your final product. If the husband or wife is a tyrant, do you think that marriage will last?

4. Be Realistic with your Budget

As with everything nowadays, you get what you pay for. And, if you’re after a simple answer to the question, ‘How much will my video cost?’, it’s like that old cliché: How long is a piece of string? Here are just some of the factors that can influence it dramatically:

A. Video duration

B. Animation

C. Quality

D. Testing

E. Analysis

F. Research

It’s also crucial to think in the long-term here. The greater the production value of your video clip, the more it will cost to make modifications to it once done, which is unavoidable if you intend to A/B test it right after it has gone online. Not only will it lead to a decreased ROI, it will also postpone your routine and become a serious pain.

Budget considerations like these could be put on every single factor pointed out above in just the same way. Of course, it is a lot to digest and can produce some hard decision-making. So, from the beginning, outline specifically just how much you can invest and run through what you can receive for it with your video production agency.

If they know what they’re doing, they will gladly help you focus on your spending. Don’t see them as a vendor, but put trust and faith that they do also want to manage your production with you, together.

5. Seek Experience and Expertise

You can make a list of all the very best production agencies in the industry that are well-known, knowledgeable and offer the necessary expertise. From your list, make qualities to distinguish the firms to ensure that you get one which will make your video.

6. Analyze the hardware

A bad worker criticizes his tools … A skilled video production agency should maximize any camera equipment and whatnot, but it does not hurt to have high-quality equipment to make the videographer’s life much easier! Nevertheless, do not confuse this with choosing the video production agency in Singapore with the swankiest equipment, but rather, just assess if they can fulfill your needs with the equipment they currently have.

7. Do not neglect editing time

We usually forget that an expert videographer’s time is not just spent on the job, but equally in post-production. The majority of the job is done after the video shoot. Videographers put in a ton of time retouching videos to attain a higher quality outcome. Editing time is an essential thing to examine with your upcoming video production agency in Singapore to make sure that their editing style, time and costs pair up with yours and also the videos are provided in a timely manner.

Addressing the concerns above will assist you to pick your perfect video production agency in Singapore. If you find that your ideal firm is already reserved, ask if they can suggest a fellow video production company who does related work for a very similar rate. Established companies typically have a good network within the market.

Lastly, you may be questioning why I’m so enthusiastic about this. Seriously, I enjoy and rely on the power of videography too much that I really feel sad when I listen to folks who are dissatisfied in their shoots.

If you have more inquiries for us or recommendations, do not hesitate to comment below or send us an email.​