5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Video Production Agency in Singapore

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketing executive or a producer trying to create video content, there comes a time when you’ve had enough of ideating, shooting, and editing your own videos (because they consume time and you’ve punched enough walls in frustration) and you really need to find a production agency to conceptualise, execute, and worry on your behalf. Also because you no longer want to punch walls.

So, where do you begin? Do you just Google “video production agencies in Singapore” and start mindlessly banging on the keyboard, working through the results? Do you ask that super cool cousin of yours with their tattoos, piercings, and ‘creative vibe’, if they know any creative agencies? Or you can read this article, where we share 5 suggestions on how to select a video production company in Singapore to get the best bang for your buck!

1. Is the firm nervous about your project?

It is essential that the video production agency brings a genuine interest in your job. You would like to feel safe that the firm is truly enthusiastic about your footage.

The agency must be familiar with you and your business and will put in the time to consult with you to ask queries about your company’s objective, brand message, target audience, timelines, company goals etc. This indicates that they wish to make your project succeed and will do their absolute best to make it happen.

2. Did they take the time to ask you questions?

Asking questions is one thing, but taking the time to understand the specifics of your project shows that the agency is assimilating into your brand, and it will almost feel like the agency is a part of the brand acting as an extended marketing department. You need to hire a video production organization that is marketing oriented and knows how to promote your product and service or convey your message.

3. Price: Quantity vs. Quality

That said, obviously pricing matters. But, what are you going to obtain for the price?

You need to assess if a video production firm cares more about quantity or quality. Ultimately, when there is an ocean of videos being created each day, it is only the videos with top quality CONTENT that will rise above the others.

At CVP Group Singapore (gotta do our shameless plug here), we would much rather spend advertising budget to create the most ideal attainable production. We desire to work within given budgets and use the very best creative and crew talent – directors, actors, videographers, with relevant equipment, to give the very best creative process and storytelling efforts. And, we really want the ideal post-production experience: music option, sound design, coloring, editing, and digital effects. All in all, we really just want the best for you, legit.

Having the very best certainly will influence the rate, but it is the content you put out that will affect your ROI. This, of course is an article on it’s own. You can read it here.

4. View Their Portfolio

An excellent production agency will always have past work available for viewing. Any agency that doesn’t have an online portfolio presence, is shady AF and you should steer far away from them.

Is it appealing, engaging, can it meet my business objectives? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself when examining a production company’s past work.

Reviews from recent customers or a client list detailing other customers that they have dealt with are also useful. Satisfied clients are a signal that you have discovered a premium video production agency.

5. Think about the production team.

Are they knowledge industry experts? How many will be engaged in the operation? Can they deal with your business video requirements?

If a company is confident enough to put all their team members online for the world to see, it clearly shows they are proud of their team, they work as a team, and they ARE a team.

View our team at: https://www.cvp-group.com/who

Following these standards when assessing video production firms will enhance your possibilities of success and eventually allow you to determine the company better suited for your requirements. Lucky for you, we are that cool friend you are going to have that exudes that ‘creative vibe’ and we know a kickass creative video content agency. Talk to us, don’t be a stranger!