3 Video Marketing Ideas You Need To Do ASAP

How to be more human in your content marketing - 3 Video Marketing Ideas You Need To Do ASAP - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
3 Video Marketing Ideas You Need To Do ASAP 1

“Staying flexible, keeping your content fresh and taking the risk to do non-legacy type of videos shows that your brand is moving with the times – that you are relevant.”

– Jeremiah Su, Chief Cheerleader, CVP Group

Half of 2021 is already finished! (and all of us are still coping from the trauma 2020 dealt)
So much has happened and so much more will happen in the future. It’s important to ensure your marketing strategy for the next half of the year can continue to empower and strengthen both your employees and your audience! Lucky for you, we know just how to help with video marketing.

The 3 Video Types Your Brand Can Do In the Next 3 Months 

  1. OFFICE REOPENING VIDEO: We’re all going back to the office soon but we’re definitely not returning to the same old space and dynamic! This is a new chapter in your corporate life and documenting this change can be a good asset to use; both for internal and external circulation. It showcases continuity, sustainability, longevity and shows how your organisation is living through the crisis. It’s your comeback, own it.
  2. MID YEAR REVIEW: Everyone’s minds is preoccupied with their own worries so it’s important to band together, get everyone’s head in the game and develop aligned goals as a team. The best way to do that is with a mid year review video! It shows your predictive and projective capability based on a summary of what you have accomplished in Q1 and Q2. Videos help them visualise the future of your brand.
  3. CAPABILITY VIDEO: Dive in deeper to the essence of your brand and let your audience know what you’re capable of. Explore your strengths, weaknesses, success and failures and how it collectively builds and propels your brand to what it is now – and why they need you now more than ever. A stunningly cinematic video like this one is excellent at catching your audience’s attention.

Looking for a way to make these videos stand out and be more than your typical B2B corporate project? Watch this quick episode of It’s A Wrap and get your pen and papers ready, you’re up for the upgrade you need! Also don’t be shy to call us if you want these videos executed quickly and beautifully, we got your back.

Article written by Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer at CVP Group