3 Things Your Audience Cares About

3 Things Your Audience Cares About
3 things your audience cares about - 3 Things Your Audience Cares About - CVP Group, Singapore January 2022
3 Things Your Audience Cares About 1

When creating content, your audience’s pain points comes before your brand’s voice.
Your content needs to resonate with what they care about. And the best way to find out what that they care about, is to look at what they search for!

Here’s 3 insights about your audience’s search habits.

  1. They’re seeking for control: 2020 was full of uncertainties so they’re proactively checking out ways to gain control and security of their immediate environment and activities with emotional benefits. How can your brand create content that empowers and informs?
  2. They desire balance: The bargain for work-life balance is more apparent than ever! You can’t talk business with your audience forever. (Yes B2B marketers I’m talking about you) Work is only half of their priorities, don’t overwhelm them! How can your brand create content that’s relevant for all areas of their life?
  3. They want transparent brands: The world is big on social responsibility right now and it affects their purchase decision. If you don’t talk about the big things that they care about, you’ll be left behind by the brands who do. Does your brand address issues that’s close to your audience?

These insights came from billions of search queries, surveys and interviews that were conducted by the most popular search engine in the world! So listen before you speak. Listen to your audience and tell them the solution to their problems that your brand can help with.

Does your current content model satisfy these 3 pain points?

Article Written By Kyra Coleen, Digital Marketer, CVP Group