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When it comes to delivering our services, we’re no holds barred. We represent brands, unapologetically. This is our brand essence. It is the promise that we make to our clients. It is the commitment that we give to our work and our team.
To devastate is more spectacular than to create.
We begin every problem with an open mind, a curious spirit and without any preconceived ideas. Using a fast paced, user-centric, and facilitated framework, we define and prioritise the client journey from the start to finish of every project.

Video Production

Need some help with video editing or animating? We’ll help you craft a narrative that’ll make sense and delivers value.

Live Streaming

Enjoy engaging and connecting with your audiences anywhere, on any device, and at any time, no matter the scale.


With a fully equipped studio at our office, our service offerings include commercial photography for products and portraitures.

Have an idea in mind? We'll help bring it to life.

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“You’re in the best hands with the tribe”

Jeremiah Su

Director of Communications

Douglas Lin

Director of Productions

Wesley Lim

Head of Post Production

Mel Teo

Executive Producer

Izham Nordin

Editor & Animator

Nicholas Pang

Editor & Animator

Alicia Leck

Digital Sales Executive

Hasif Hasny

Associate Producer
Frequently Asked Questions

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– It’s a common misconception that the cost equates to the number of people on set. But that’s not the case! It boils down to what you want to achieve when making the video. Having a handful of experienced crew who know what they are supposed to do is enough for certain situations.
– Post production is where the project comes to life as we start to edit the first draft of the video deliverable. A draft refers to the piecing of the video together according to the storyboard or structure that was agreed upon during pre-production. This is also when the client starts to review the videos with feedback. 1 draft is considered as 1 review
– It’s important to align your expectations by getting the brief right. The brief includes visual references, objectives and strategy on the output, treatment and look of the video! If you follow your processes and practise proper brief management, everything will go smoothly.
– If you want a high quality video you need high quality equipment and a healthy appropriate budget. You might not see the difference between all these camera equipment if you’re not a media practitioner. But someone in your audience can! Would you risk looking low quality?
-Raw footages can be given to you if you pay for it! We don’t usually give them to clients for free because making videos is our craft. If we give all the rushes, it would technically diminish our crafts and devalue us. We would also not be able to control what the clients do with the rushes. Content creators need to protect their rice bowl, what they’re good at and what they are paid to do.
– Producers are the backbone of any production! They wrangle every single aspect of production from start to finish to create one cohesive piece of asset. They are usually engaged for the experience that they have. During the pre-production process, they bring creatives and clients together to ideate and conceptualise. On shoot, they make great Project Managers and Assistant Directors due to the knowledge they have of the pre-production process! And in post-production, they make sure the changes are done up to expectations.
There are instances where a 1 minute video costs 10,000 but a 15 second one costs $80,000 – why is that so? Every small little detail adds up to the cost! These include, but are not exclusive to, locations, wardrobe, talents, props, equipment and crew.
-Sometimes for certain shoots we need to engage assistance from our preferred freelancers or vendors and sometimes they have their certain way of charging – which is a 10-hour shoot day. Renting gear also does not go on a per hour basis. Everything you’re paying for is not just the hours that the crew clocks in but also their skills and years of experience!
-Timely feedback loops that stick within the timeline are important as being a day late in feedback could cause a snowball effect for the rest of the timeline. We have assigned resources for everything that we do – productions, shoots, and edits. We also have to service other clients as well! Let’s respect the editor’s and shooter’s time to produce the work that you need.
– You can do this by consolidating all the requests for changes within your side before sending the entire coherent change to us. It’s good to be specific with your comments as you only have up to 3 rounds of changes. You would incur more costs if and pay for more changes if you exceed that number.

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